The New Yorker

Wednesday: 6 May 2009

The crisp fresh air after a constant drizzle of a late spring rain feels refreshing despite the views of those who reside in the large city and despise the dreary days in New York City. Especially since it interferes with daily activities for those who rely on walking from one destination to another. As I walked along the streets and took in the architecture of the old buildings and listened to the many different languages that engulf the airwaves; seeing how each person is unique and the different varieties of food that line the streets depicts how diverse the United States is in its entirety. Experiencing the awkward silence in the crowded metro and the lack of interaction as people are in bound for their next destination made me realize that even though NYC is highly populated it can feel so lonely as the New Yorker seems to be programed like a machine on auto pilot striving to reach their final destination with little interference and as quickly as possible diverting away from social interaction among strangers who are programed in a similar way. But at the same time if you divert their attention and stand in the way of their routine and ask someone for directions or snap them out of this daze New Yorkers are friendly, helpful and have a tendency to smile more during an actual conversation almost as they are happy to be noticed in a crowd of millions.

New York City

How I see it is each person has a story and most people are eager to share life experiences; when chatting with a stranger I feel like I gain a little insight in the daily life of another and gain a little more knowledge while envisioning being among these people, in a similar routine, living a similar life. To be able to walk or take the metro and not rely on a car seems like an interesting and exciting way to live. Everyday a new day with a variety of people to potentially interact with and the ability to find any type of cuisine or choose among thousands of pubs, dive bars, restaurants, cafes, parks or hot spots to relax and mingle with old and new friends alike. To walk Madison in Central Park and watch as she chases the many squirrels, explore each trail and see the different seasons as they engulf the city whether its the soft drizzle of rain or a blanket of snow covering the city while children as well as adults ice skate on the frozen pools of ice. Summer heat and the beautiful fall with the changing of the color of leaves. May is a month where there is a bloom and petals cover the ground almost as a replacement for the winter snow in a shade of light pink. When squirrels and birds play in the warm weather and green grass and flowers begin to cover every corner of the park. One day I may be a New Yorker, a member of a society in one of the most international cities in the world. A one day I will see what it is really like.

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