The Blue Lagoon

Friday: 8 May 2009

I woke early the next morning and began chatting with Ian and Dave where we decided to go to the Blue Lagoon located south of Reykjavik with its ice blue waters, raising steam, calming energy and fascinating mineral deposits for a refreshing mask that is just part of the whole experience.  Ian and Jon had rented a car but only four could fit in this small compact vehicle so Dave and I boarded a bus to the outskirts of town and began hitchhiking south to this must see destination.  Surprisingly it was the first time Dave had hitchhiked and Iceland was the ideal place to do it.

Bus 14 to the Center Station where you switch to Bus 1 all the way to the main road heading south.  Along the way we saw children protesting about the financial crisis that concerns the people of Iceland and we met an Icelandic native, Martin, who chatted with us about Couchsurfing and even helped direct us to the main road in which we were told hitchhiking in the right direction would be easy once we got there.  Finally we found the main road that leads the way to Kefalik and the Blue Lagoon.  We began walking along the main road with our thumbs out when only ten minutes later we were picked up by a nice Icelandic guy who happened to have three empty car seats in the minivan and informed us that he had been blessed with five children.  He then let us out at the end of the road winds down about a mile to the Blue Lagoon where we were then only a couple minutes later picked up by a tour bus that was kind enough to take us to the front door of this resort style tourist destination.

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