Day 1 • South West Iceland

Dubbed the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is a unique destination to visit.


156. Visit Every Country in the World

Bucket List STATUS: In Progress (32/196) Albania (2008) The Bahamas (2008 & 2015) Belgium (2009) Belize (2011 & 2013) Bosnia I Herzegovina (2008) Cambodia (2007) Canada (1989) Costa Rica (2015) Croatia (2008) Estonia (2009) France (2007) Greece (2008) Iceland (2009 & 2015) Jamaica (2002) Kosovo (2008) Latvia (2009) Lithuania (2009) Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia…

The Blue Lagoon

Friday: 8 May 2009 I woke early the next morning and began chatting with Ian and Dave where we decided to go to the Blue Lagoon located south of Reykjavik with its ice blue waters, raising steam, calming energy and fascinating mineral deposits for a refreshing mask that is just part of the whole experience. …

“World’s Most Northern Capital” ~ Reykjavik

Thursday: 7 May 2009 Upon my arrival at Keflavik International Airport at 6:30 am, I met up with Sara Maynard who is also visiting Iceland and is from Berkley, California who happened to be arriving at the same time as myself on a plane departing from Boston, Massachusetts versus my flight that arrived from New…

First Sight

Thursday: 7 May 2009 “Twenty-five minutes until we land in Keflavik, Iceland please fasten your seat belts as we prepare for landing.” Wow, feelings of anticipation and thoughts about an unknown territory that is beautiful by nature and mystical in a sense, especially after viewing many photographs and reading about many aspects of this island….