Miłość jest w Powietrzu: Love is in the Air

I find Eastern Europe very romantic and it seems to be a region where everyone is happy to be in love; long embraces and sweet kisses. The couples walk not only holding hands but with arms wrapped around each other. Park benches, statues, fountains, walk ways; everywhere you go you are confronted with the enchantment and impression that love is in the air. People are engulfed by the love and companion that shares these beautiful moments with them. As if nothing else matters and no one else exists. Huge smiles with soft whispers and giggles to express delight that will touch anyone’s heart that may be honored to see such a sight. Deep stares and gentle kisses show the affection that individual may feel for that one person that you care so much about. L’viv, Warsaw, Vilnius, Parnu; just a few cities that caught my attention when it came to matters of the heart and seeing two people in love. It is the Eastern European custom to show their feeling so openly for another and public display of affection is customary to show her you really do care and are not ashamed of your love together.

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