The Unknown

As I gaze out the window of the plane the image of stars speckled across the dark night sky seems to be the only thing on my mind. The unknown below us feels as if it is wrapped all around me; fading deeper into the darkness while the stretch of lights behind us in the distance gradually drifts away.  We head southbound away from the coastal outline of what is Florida to the Pacific coast of Peru.

I imagine we are over the ocean; so mystical and yet overwhelming not knowing what is around you or what maybe when you get to your destination.  No moon in the sky to light the path; only the stars above.  The lights from the coast dissipate and now I gaze on looking for any sign of an island or stretch of dotted lights indicating a city below.  Only after flying a little ways do I spot a cruise ship below all lit up and it makes me wonder where their next destination is; the Virgin Islands, Jamaica or Cozumel.

The unknown; so much to learn, so much that will never be revealed and uncertainties arise that must be overcome to truly know what life is all about.

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  1. Grandma Elaine says:

    just read leaving on a jet plane and just a girl. Sweetheart you could be a writer and better than some that are already published!


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