The Sounds of Drums…

Mid-October is here and it is just now getting a little cool for Florida, if you consider sixty or seventy degrees to be such; an enormous difference from the ninety degree weather only two days prior I must say.

I am actually lying on the beach waiting for the evening to begin and the sun to set. It is a sight to see when visitors lay in bathing suits, swim in the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the Florida sun while those who are natives are bundled up in warm sweaters, beanies and even wrapped in blankets. Our blood has thinned and I know I am not quit use to the cool weather as those who come to visit and enjoy temperatures that mimic summer days where they reside.

As I am overcome by relaxation and peace I listen to the sounds of the seaside; putting my pen to paper. Soft waves hitting the shore with children playing in the break, seagulls dancing across the vast sky and the wind playing cords of song for everyone to enjoy on this October day is just what I needed to complete my Sunday afternoon. Gradually people are arriving with their drums in hand and spirits high. As long as the sun is shinning and the rain is absent this ritual on Treasure Island proceeds; as it has for the past 30 years. Every Sunday around 6 pm people of all ages come together for great conversation, music and dancing in the form of a drum circle on the beaches near St. Petersburg. I spent the morning with my brother, Michael, enjoying our conversations, listening to the array of music that fills his iPod and as the sun gradually sets in the sky he is excited for this event to soon set in motion.

When we first arrived, this long stretch of beach was unfilled despite the sporadic families speckled out along the shore and children swimming in the bitter evening tide. It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds and the number of people who will arrive in the upcoming hours as those who enjoy the beach, have a free spirit and love for music come together to listen to the sounds of drums.

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